We are so glad you found us, and we hope you will take a few minutes to read about our founders, Graham and Carolyn Holloway, in order to better understand their vision. By doing so, you will discover that the mission of the Graham and Carolyn Holloway Family Foundation stems from Graham and Carolyn’s desire to “give folks a leg up”. Given a “leg up” themselves early in their marriage inspired the couple to offer others the same opportunity to achieve their highest and best selves. Seeking a more resolute way to share their resources with others led to the formation of the Foundation in 1995 – a means by which other members of the family could impact their communities as well.

Due to the relatively broad nature of the Foundation’s mission statement, the Board has streamlined the focus of Graham and Carolyn’s intent in order to be a more effective instrument in improving the quality of life of individuals who are least able to do that on their own. Please review our grant guidelines to determine if we might be a good partner for you. If we are, use our online process to create an account and submit an LOI.

Returning applicants can move directly to the application process by obtaining an Access Code from the Foundation Administrator via email at

Thank you for all the ways you are making an impact on people and helping direct them to a richer and more purposeful life. We look forward to learning more about the work you are doing in the community.

God Bless,

The Graham and Carolyn Holloway
Family Foundation Trustees